How could a tiny robot ever find their way through a giant machine where just about everything wants to kill them? Well, when you have the ability to reverse time, you might find new ways of manipulating your surroundings and getting around.

Broken Time is a 2D platformer that focuses on puzzle solving with a healthy dose of jump and run. Your best friend is the ability to change the flow of time, making it go forwards or backwards to your hearts delight. You might be surprised what can happen when you put the world in reverse!

Use WASD to move, Space to jump and Ctrl to – you guessed it – control the time!


Download 109 MB
Version 1 Sep 19, 2021
Download 96 MB
Version 1 Sep 19, 2021
Download 96 MB
Version 1 Sep 19, 2021


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Very cute graphics and interesting puzzle dynamics. You incorporated a lot of different types of interactions for a jam game! 

I'm playing on smaller screen, so It was sometimes hard to see the whole level

Thank you :) Adaptive FOV is definietly an area that could use some improvements. I am not sure about how, but I am sure we will find a way.


Thank you :)