Statera is a game about balance. Balance your nature consuming civilization with the surrounding habitat.

You need to ensure the survival of your population at all costs. You can grow further, but the price tag is immense. At some point, you can not repair the damage done. An unbearable future with eventual death of your civilization. The alternative? Butcher your people. If they are not too many, you can continue to live.

But, what if you dislike those scenarios? Given, both are extremes, but extremes that are unstoppable if you continue to ignore. You may want to retain choice. You can start to butcher some people today and destroy some parts of your habitat, but that is an inferior choice. You can gain so much more from the nature and for your civilization.

Look around. Take a ramble through the habitat. You may have noticed some glowing plants. They are precious specimen. Once back in town, visit your local research facility. They will equip you with a sample container and expect you to bring back a combination of samples, they can use to learn. What they learn is up to you to find out, but word is going around that it can be used to improve your situation. An actual choice!

Now get in the game! Time is running… even though very slow.


Statera was developed by Michelle Than, Philipp Juhl, Emma Louise Steiner, and Johannes Witt as part of our three-week experimental game jam in our fourth semester. Thanks for the support of our coaches Prof. Thomas Bremer and Prof. Susanne Brandhorst at the DE:HIVE institute in Berlin.

Spoiler: The game is so slow that we implemented I and O as time cheat keys...


Download 145 MB
Version 2 Aug 31, 2021
Download 158 MB
Version 1 Aug 13, 2021

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